While it has been little more than a month since Extemp Central closed its doors, its absence has been felt across the extemp community. For competitors looking for practice topics or the status of the national points race, there is no longer a single trusted location at which these resources can be found. A power vacuum, to put it in extemp terms, has formed–one in which we hope to fill.

The Texas extemp field is quite frankly massive. Long a national powerhouse, the extemp community within Texas is not only incredibly diverse–drawing competitors from some of the largest local circuits in the nation as well as some of the smallest schools in the state–but incredibly tight knit to the point where we aren’t just competitors, but friends. It is because of this that we wanted to make an extemp resource that serves the incredible demand of the Texan extemporaneous field. One with the features of Extemp Central, but applied at a state level.

Thus, our mission statement at The Extemper is to provide three things to the state of Texas. First, news and updates on weekly tournaments and extemp happenings. Second, extemp topics to help ease practicing around the state with high quality questions in both Foreign and Domestic categories. Third and finally, a statewide Points Race reminiscent of Extemp Central’s, where the cumulative efforts of Texas extempers on the local, state, and and national level will be tallied and showcased in an incredibly comprehensive system, of which a sole champion will be crowned.

So, tell your friends about The Extemper. While we will do our best to cover the end of the 2016-2017 season (which there will be year-long Points Race results for), we are looking forward the most to providing year-long extemp resources for the great state of Texas in 2017-2018 and beyond!

Many thanks,

The Extemper