With the Harvard tournament now over, it’s time to recap on a tournament that as usual was full of surprises. The largest upsets by far came from the previous tournament champion and current runner-up in the state points race Katherine Hu of Plano Senior dropping after quarterfinals, and recent Cap City champion Spencer Buckner of Lake Travis failing to clear prelims. Luckily, other state competitors fared better. Uzair Alpial, 12th in the state points race, Elizabeth Khalilian, 10th in the state points race, and Juliet Ume-Ezeoke, 5th in the state points race all reached the semi-finals round of the tournament, while Sophomore Kate Fisher of Saint Mary’s Hall, 4th in the state points race, was crowned the tournament champion after a stellar performance in the final round, beating out over 200 competitors. Our sincerest congratulations go out to those listed above, as well as all that competed at Harvard this year.

Given Harvard’s status as a Tier-1 National Tournament, points will be awarded as follows:

Katherine Hu: 20 points

Uzair Alpial, Elizabeth Khalilian, Juliet Ume-Ezeoke: 40 points

Kate Fisher: 100 points