After a tournament full of surprises (see the TFA State Recap), it should be less of a surprise that the leaderboard saw numerous shifts after the largest state-level tournament of the year. While the top 4 have remained constant, Juliet Ume-Ezeoke’s (Pflugerville) state final finish has bumped her up a spot to 5th in the state, moving Elizabeth Khalilian (Plano West) down to 6th after her quarterfinals upset drop. Sarah Lanier (Northland Christian), the new TFA FX champion, traded places with Uzair Alpial (Plano West), and now stands as 8th. Evan Bewersdorf (Lindale), formerly 17th, jumped up to 11th after reaching FX state finals–while Ashwin Desai (Plano West), formerly 11th, fell to 15th after dropping in prelims. Evan Ortiz’s (Cy-Fair) semifinal finish kept him his spot as #12, but Dru Patel’s (Southlake Carroll) drop in quarters saw him fall from 12th–tied with Ortiz–to 16th. Sandipan Nath’s (Plano West) semifinals finish allowed him to move up to the 13th position on the leaderboard, and Shaaswat Singh (Plano West) rose from unranked to 14th after an upset 3rd place finish in DX. Similarly, Ellen Wang’s (Plano West) finish as the runner-up in DX behind Katherine Hu (Plano Senior) moved her from unranked to 17th. Saskia Redford (Saint Mary’s) dropped from 14th to 18th after failing to clear DX prelims, and Hannah Liu’s (Seven Lakes) semifinals finish allowed her to maintain her spot as #19. Tied with her are DX 4th place finisher Jun-Yong Kim (Seven Lakes), who moved up from the 24th spot, as well as previously unranked Ping Rui Toong (Tompkins)–who placed 4th in FX. Lekha Sunder (Lamar), another Houston extemper appeared for the first time in the top 25 after finaling in DX for the second year in a row, and is now ranked 22nd. Steven Manning (Anderson), and Rene Otero (Hendrickson), two Austin extempers, fell from 16th and 20th respectively to the 23rd spot which they now share after Manning failed to clear quarterfinals, and Otero made semis. Finally, Ankur Bhagwath (Plano West) and Sean Elsik (La Vernia), formerly 20th and 22nd respectively, are now tied at 25th after finishing the tournament as semifinalists.

Once again, congratulations to all at TFA State, and for those not graduating, we’ll see you back next year!

Rank Name School Points
1 Kate Fisher Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 284
2 Katherine Hu Plano Senior (Dallas) 257
3 Nikhil Ramaswamy Plano West (Dallas) 237
4 Spencer Buckner Lake Travis (Austin) 225
5 Juliet Ume-Ezeoke Pflugerville (Austin) 138
6 Elizabeth Khalilian Plano West (Dallas) 131
7 Jackson Freeman Westwood (Austin) 111
8 Sarah Lanier Northland Christian (Houston) 98
9 Uzair Alpial Plano West (Dallas) 89
10 Nicci Mattey Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 65
11 Evan Bewersdorf Lindale (Dallas) 58
12 Evan Ortiz Cy Fair (Houston) 55
13 Sandipan Nath Plano West (Dallas) 53
14 Shaaswat Singh Plano West (Dallas) 47
15 Ashwin Desai Plano West (Dallas) 46
16 Dru Patel Southlake Carroll (Dallas) 45
17 Ellen Wang Plano West (Dallas) 44
18 Saskia Redford Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 43
19 Hannah Liu Seven Lakes (Houston) 42
19 Jun-Yong Kim Seven Lakes (Houston) 42
19 Ping Rui Toong Tompkins (Houston) 42
22 Lekha Sunder Lamar (Houston) 39
23 Rene Otero Hendrickson (Austin) 38
23 Steven Manning Anderson (Austin) 38
25 Ankur Bhagwath Plano West (Dallas) 37
25 Sean Elsik La Vernia (San Antonio) 37