1. Is it still wise for mayors to uphold ‘Sanctuary City’ status under the Trump administration?
  2. How will Donald Trump’s repeal of the Clean Power Plan affect the American coal industry?
  3. Should the House Intelligence Committee grant Michael Flynn’s request for immunity?
  4. Can Republican leaders meaningfully reconcile divides currently afflicting the party?
  5. Could Beto O’Rourke realistically win the 2018 Senate race against Ted Cruz?
  6. Is it time for the United States to invest in high speed rail?
  7. Should Republicans still make Obamacare repeal a legislative priority?
  8. Should the United States continue to support Kurdish forces in the Syrian conflict?
  9. What does the internet privacy repeal signal for the future of internet use in America?
  10. What tactic should the United States employ to prevent North Korean acquisition of ICBMs?