1. Should Vladimir Putin be worried about increasing protests in Russia?
  2. How can Carrie Lam best strike a balance between Chinese government interests and those of the people of Hong Kong?
  3. How can the Cuban government prepare for integration with the global economy?
  4. Which candidate in the French Presidential elections will most benefit from the implosion of Francois Fillon’s candidacy?
  5. In light of the Trump administration, is conflict between Israel and Palestine likely to break out in the near future?
  6. What provisions should a deal for Syrian peace include?
  7. How can the Zuma government in South Africa be kept in check?
  8. What reforms can Bangladesh make to better combat domestic terrorism?
  9. Does Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike’s popularity indicate shifting Japanese political tides?
  10. What policy priorities can we expect from an empowered Modi government in India?