Hello extempers! First of all, we wanted to thank everyone for being a part of The Extemper over the past month. We’ve had almost 2,000 total views and a lot of great feedback–something we hope to keep up as this season ends and the next begins. With this season’s end now approaching, we feel it is fitting to give y’all an idea of what to expect next.

With the end of TFA, the remaining circuits for Texas extempers include the classic UIL competitions at the state level, and the TOCs and NSDA at the national level. Let’s look at each of these competitions and what we’ll be providing for each of them.

UIL Informative and Persuasive Extemp

No Texas extemp overview would be complete without a look into UIL–many schools’ only access to the extemp community. With 32 districts in the state–each divided into 6 divisions based on school size, it simply isn’t feasible for us to track down the results of each of these competitions. Once competition enters the regional level, however, we will begin including finals results in the points race, as well as providing updates as a preview for UIL state extemp. Given the diverse and sometimes unpredictable nature of the level of competition at UIL, especially with distinctions for school size, it will likely be determined after each finals round–both regionally and on the state level–what each round will count for in terms of the points race. Given the typical absence of many of the state’s top extempers from UIL competition, however, and the school division, we can already guarantee no UIL State finals round will count as a “State-level” tournament for the points race.

The TOCs and NSDA

The TOCs

Making up the last weekend of April and first weekend of May, the UKTOC and ETOC provide Texas extempers their next crack at national level tournaments. These tournaments will be covered individually much in the vein of Harvard and Berkeley, and will likely generate points race points as indicated on the “Methodology” page.


Given the district qualification set-up for NSDA, in which 12 Texas districts see qualifiers, we will not only post a congratulatory page to all NSDA qualifiers from the state once the last qualifying tournament concludes, but all district qualifiers will count towards the state points race based off of difficulty. The NSDA nationals tournament in June will be the very last tournament of the season, which will be covered in great detail as it happens. Once NSDA nationals concludes, final calculations will be made to determine the 2016-2017 State Points Race Champion, regional champions, and most competitive region.

Extemp Topics

It’s with regret that we at The Extemper have only been able to post new FX and DX topics on a bi-weekly basis. Beginning next Thursday, we will aim to begin anew our weekly postings–including Informative and Persuasive topics for UIL practice if there is enough interest. We promise we will continue to post topics, and maybe add some pictures to the website as well.