1. How will removing Steve Bannon from the National Security Council affect American foreign policy decisions?
  2. Can we expect a less partisan investigation into Trump-Russia affairs following Devin Nunes’ exit from the House Intelligence Committee?
  3. What can lawmakers do to address the American opioid epidemic?
  4. Will North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s bathroom-bill compromise prove to be a political misstep?
  5. Should other states follow New York’s example of slashing college tuition rates?
  6. Can public/private partnerships be successful in urban housing development nationwide?
  7. Are Safe Spaces on college campuses aiding the educational environment?
  8. Should the US escalate military action against the Assad regime in Syria?
  9. In a hypothetical White House shakeup, who should Trump remove from his team?
  10. Can Alabama Governor Robert Bentley survive state impeachment proceedings?