After an eventful weekend, Texas swept nearly half of the University of Kentucky’s Tournament of Champions final round, which took place earlier today. Nikhil Ramaswamy (Plano West), 3rd in the state points race, Lekha Sunder (Houston Lamar), 22nd in the state points race, and Elizabeth Khalilian (Plano West), 6th in the state points race all made appearances in that final round, taking up the 5th through 7th spots, respectively. Other Texas extempers making their appearances in UKTOC outrounds include Ashwin Desai (Plano West), 15th in the state points race, as well as Rene Otero (Hendrickson), 23rd in the state points race–both of whom made it to quarters.

Us here at The Extemper would like to congratulate all who competed at the 2017 UKTOC, and wish competitors the best of luck next weekend at Northwestern’s Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions!

Given that the UKTOC is a Level 2 national tournament, points will be allocated as follows:

Nikhil Ramaswamy – 40 points

Lekha Sunder – 40 points

Elizabeth Khalilian – 40 points

Ashwin Desai – 10 points

Rene Otero – 10 points