As the 2016-2017 Season officially ends with the conclusion of NSDA Nationals, the final installment of this year’s Points Race can be made official. In a last-minute comeback with his top 3 finish at NSDA, Nikhil Ramaswamy (Plano West) is officially the 2016-2017 Texas Points Race Champion! As a Junior this year, we can expect him to be a strong contender for the same spot next year. Kate Fisher (Saint Mary’s), who led for much of the season after her win at Harvard, fell to second place. Spencer Buckner (Lake Travis), officially ended up in 3rd place after trading the spot with 4th-place finisher Katherine Hu (Plano Senior) all year. Rounding out the top 5 is Juliet Ume-Ezeoke (Pflugerville), whose Quarterfinal finish at NSDA and UIL State Championship ensured her claim to the spot over Elizabeth Khalilian (Plano West), who had occupied 5th previously. Rounding out the top 10 are Jackson Freeman (Westwood), who managed to hold onto 7th even after an upset at NSDA, Uzair Alpial (Plano West), whose incredibly successful but largely under-the-radar season has positioned him as a name to watch out for next year, TFA Champion Sarah Lanier (Northland Christian), and Sandipan Nath (Plano West) rounded out the top 10. Rene Otero (Hendrickson), like Ume-Ezeoke, benefitted from both a UIL State Championship and NSDA Quarters finish, and made a large jump to 11th in the points race. Lekha Sunder (Houston Lamar) finished 12th, while Points Race newbie Jacqueline Wei (Jasper) jumped to 13th after an incredible 8th place finish at NSDA Nationals. Nicci Mattey (Saint Mary’s) finished 14th, Evan Bewersdorf (Lindale) finished 15th, and Ashwin Desai (Plano West) finished 16th in a tie with Evan Ortiz (Cy Fair). Rounding out the top 20 were Chance Walker (Jack C. Hays)Saskia Redford (Saint Mary’s), and Shaaswat Singh (Plano West). Ankur Bhagwath (Plano West), Daniel Lehmann (Cy Creek), and Ping Rui Toong (Tompkins) finished in a 3-way tie for 21st, and rounding out the top 25 were Dru Patel (Southlake Carroll)Ellen Wang (Plano West), and Jun-Yong Kim (Seven Lakes). See below the chart for regional champions and the school championship.

Rank Name School Points
1 Nikhil Ramaswamy Plano West (Dallas) 382
2 Kate Fisher Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 369
3 Spencer Buckner Lake Travis (Austin) 335
4 Katherine Hu Plano Senior (Dallas) 267
5 Juliet Ume-Ezeoke Pflugerville (Austin) 229
6 Elizabeth Khalilian Plano West (Dallas) 216
7 Jackson Freeman Westwood (Austin) 131
8 Uzair Alpial Plano West (Dallas) 121
9 Sarah Lanier Northland Christian (Houston) 118
10 Sandipan Nath Plano West (Dallas) 93
11 Rene Otero Hendrickson (Austin) 90
12 Lekha Sunder Lamar (Houston) 89
13 Jacqueline Wei Jasper (Dallas) 68
14 Nicci Mattey Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 65
15 Evan Bewersdorf Lindale (Dallas) 64
16 Ashwin Desai Plano West (Dallas) 56
16 Evan Ortiz Cy Fair (Houston) 56
18 Chance Walker Jack C. Hays (Austin) 54
19 Saskia Redford Saint Mary’s (San Antonio) 53
20 Shaaswat Singh Plano West (Dallas) 49
21 Ankur Bhagwath Plano West (Dallas) 47
21 Daniel Lehmann Cy Creek (Houston) 47
21 Ping Rui Toong Tompkins (Houston) 47
24 Dru Patel Southlake Carroll (Dallas) 45
25 Ellen Wang Plano West (Dallas) 44
25 Jun-Yong Kim Seven Lakes (Houston) 44

School Champion:

Plano West Senior High School finished with a total point accumulation of 1,008 points from their extempers ranking in the top 25. This is an astonishing total, as it makes up over half of the total points of the Dallas Region, and is a greater number of points than every region in Texas except for the Austin Region. Finishing in a distant second was Saint Mary’s Hall from San Antonio, with 487 points.

Regional Champions:

 Region Name Points
 DFW/Northeast Texas Nikhil Ramaswamy  382
 Houston  Sarah Lanier 118
 Austin  Spencer Buckner 335
 San Antonio Kate Fisher 369
 El Paso  Ryan Solis 22
 Gulf Coast  Kalista Schauer 16
 Panhandle Morgan Byers 24

Final Regional Rankings:

 Rank Region Points
 1 DFW/Northeast Texas 1889
 2  Austin 1123
 3 Houston 922
 4 San Antonio 672
 5 Panhandle 184
 6 El Paso 119
 7  Gulf Coast 104