As hinted at in our last post, weekly topics will be re-introduced for the 2017-2018 season. This may come as a surprise, given the last time we said these were coming back they never did, but this time we mean it–and they’re coming with some big changes. Here’s what you can expect this year with our topics:

Four Categories

That’s right, instead of just DX and FX we will be offering four different types of topics this year: FX, DX, Triads, and Hypotheticals. Unlike last year, we will have only five FX and DX topics per week, but to make up for it we’ll also be including one Triad and Hypothetical each. For the uninitiated, Triads are topics that involve three actors, and are often much harder in terms of difficulty, and most commonly found in prestigious outrounds (UT, ETOC, etc). Hypotheticals are exactly what they sound like–questions over things that could happen. These topics, also found in prestigious outrounds, are often both uniquely challenging as well as incredibly fun, but many extempers find themselves unprepared for them once they advance to rounds that use them. With that in mind, we’ll be including both of these kinds of questions next year, every single Sunday.

Topic Diversity

Instead of the hodgepodge of topics that would appear last year, this year each of our 5 FX and DX topics will be representing a different region and/or area of focus. For FX, you can expect one topic for each of these regions per week:

Europe, The Americas, The Middle East and North Africa, Africa and South Asia, and East Asia and Oceania

For DX, you can expect one topic for each of these areas of focus:

Trump, Politics, Foreign Policy, Social Issues, and The Economy

We’re excited for those of you joining us again this next season–we hope to be a helpful tool and competitive platform for extempers across the state. Tell your friends about The Extemper! With over 1,000 unique visitors and counting, we strive to be the premier source for Extempers in Texas.


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