With just a couple weeks until the first tournament of the 2017-2018 season, we’re ready to roll out our first set of weekly topics!

Foreign Extemp:

1. Is Emmanuel Macron poised to fulfill his promises to revitalize the French economy?

2. How should the Mexican government address the rising migrant populations settling within its borders?

3. Can Benjamin Netanyahu hold on to his position as Prime Minister of Israel amidst escalating legal troubles?

4. Will the most recent failure to remove South African President Jacob Zuma from office hurt the ANC’s chances in the 2019 elections?

5. Can the US rely on China’s aid in deterring North Korean aggression?

Domestic Extemp:

1. Can new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly effectively quell rising turmoil in the Trump administration?

2. What policies should the Trump adminstration pursue in order to boost their national popularity?

3. What steps can the US take to defuse tensions with North Korea?

4. Have state governments become the new primary actors in the US for combating climate change?

5. How would Trump’s proposed cuts to legal immigration effect the US economy?

Weekly Triad:

How should Egypt and Sudan respond to Ethiopia’s continued dam building efforts on the Nile River?

Weekly Hypothetical:

North Korea nukes Guam. How does the Trump administration respond?